Monday, April 13, 2009

It Ain't Easy

Growing up, Mack saw first-hand the risks and rewards of street life; his father was a pimp and his mother a prostitute. This lifetime of lessons has turned the adult Mack into a force of nature who rules absolutely and fears nothing. When rival hustler Memphis Slimm steps out of line, Mack decides to strike back, turning the streets into a battleground. Mack 10, Katt Williams, Clifton Powell and Michael Rappaport star in this gritty drama. Click Here To Buy This Movie

Cross Country Pimpin' Part 3

Part 3 of a 3 series Pimp Documentary excellent work form the Producer Maroy


Super Fly is not really a Pimp Movie but the characters are Pimpish and there are Pimps in the Movie. Backed by Curtis Mayfield's enticing score, this groovy 1970s action drama stars Ron O'Neal as big, bad Youngblood Priest, a cocaine dealer who realizes the thug life isn't for him and puts together one last deal that will net him enough money so he can start over. But he knows his "colleagues" won't quite agree with his escape plan, so he must find a way to save his soul and come out of the whole mayhem alive.

The Mack

Max Julien stars as Goldie, a sharp, smooth-talking hustler who's just been released from prison after 5 years and is determined to rule the streets Oakland once again. Armed with his witty sidekick, Slim (Richard Pryor), and his trusty brother (Roger E. Mosley), Goldie kicks off a campaign of violence to establish his return. This action-packed crime caper offers a searing yet fun look into urban street life. Click Here To Buy This Movie

Cross Country Pimpin' Part 1

Real life documentary of real life pimps doing real pimpish things. 4 stars

Boss'n Up

Forging an honest living, grocery clerk Cordé Christopher (Snoop Doggy Dogg) has his head turned by a player named Orange Juice (Hawthorne James), who promises to show him the way to the high life. Along the way, Cordé meets the girl of his dreams (Shillae Anderson) -- but his risky lifestyle could end up jeopardizing his future. Co-starring rapper Lil' Jon, this hip-hop drama was inspired by Snoop's "Rhythm & Gangsta" album. Click Here To Buy This Movie

American Pimp - Raw Out Takes

The Hughes Brothers, Allen and Albert, received much buzz with their venture, American Pimp, a clear-eyed look at the men who proudly traffic women selling sex. This video complements that outrageously fascinating documentary and contains outtakes from the original, including an in-depth interview with rapper Snoop Dogg, plus sit-downs with veterans Rosebudd, Ken Red and Payroll and newly minted entrepreneurs C-Note, T-Mack and Charm. Click Here To Buy This Movie